Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To New Friends

I can hardly believe how I have found so many awesome Magickal people in such a short time! In less than a week I have over 80 blogs on my reading list- WOW! And you all share so much use-full and wonder-full information on your blogs. What a community we have here. Such support, such openness, such joy and oh so much warm friendship! Thank you all for being here- there- everywhere. I only had to open my heart to find you. Were you all just waiting for me?

I feel truly blessed.


  1. ~yes indeed! i share with you the same is such a beautiful community filled with such bright and talented and wickedly wonderful people...glad you are here! brightest blessings~

  2. As a fairly new blogger myself, I know where you are coming from. It's indeed been a joy meeting so many wonderful new people. Glad you are a part of it.

  3. Welcome!!! So glad you joined us...and believe me, your list will grow to over 150 easy! Lol! Thanks for visiting my magickal place. I am loving yours so far. Can't wait to see more! I will also add you to my blogroll on my page. :) Oh and the brownies...I did it and ate half of 'em! Felt so good. :)


  4. Awesome to have you with us! You are going to meet so many wonderful, caring people!