Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"There are places on the planet we belong and they are not necessarily where we are born. If we are lucky- if the gods are in a good mood- we find them, for whatever length of time is necessary for us to know that, yes, we belong to the earth and it to us. Even if we cannot articulate this intense physical sensation, even if language fails us, we know what home is then, in our very bones."

~ Elizabeth Huggan ~


  1. Wonderful...and so true. Sadly, I had found mine and let it go. (Sigh) Maybe one day I will find it again.

  2. Beautiful quote! I know where I feel most at home on the earth, but sadly it is in a state park so I will never be able to live there. At least I know it won't be torn apart and destroyed.

  3. So very, very true. I know that I am where I belong and plan on staying.